Hey lovely readers! Welcome to our blog!

We are two sisters, Fenja, 19 years old, and Jonna, 16 years old. We live in a beautiful small town in northern Germany, where we go to school, do a lot of sports and meet our friends. Since we got our first cameras at a very young age we have been into photography. Even at that time we took “model photos”, created our own fashion shootings and fashion shows and used our Mum’s Make Up. Now some years later we still love everything about beauty, fashion and photography, so we asked ourselvs why not starting a blog about the things we really love ? Here we are :)

Our blog posts will be covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle as well as monthly favourites, music playlists and travel destinations. (Hopefully you’ll understand our english since it is not our first language) .

If you enjoy our blog, take the time and leave a comment!


Fenja & Jonna

P.S.: A big thanks to all the readers that come and read our articles! We ❤️ you


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