September Favorites

Hello lovely readers,

happy October to you all and to all my german readers a happy national holiday!

Well, here are my September Favorites, which I really really love! Looking back to last month I used a lot of new products which immediately became my favorites. Do you know that situation as well when you buy a product and you love it so much that you use it every day until it is empty? I think that will happen to me very soon with these lovely items :)

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush

Real Techniques is in fact my favorite brush brand and I like the founders/creaters Sam and Nic Chapman a lot. They’re trained make up artists with their own blog and YouTube channel, they do amazing tutorials and product reviews. I think every one in the beauty world knows their brushes, they’re really good but not too expensive. And even the queen uses them, haha. However, I already own a bunch of their face and eyeshadow brushes but new to my collection is this lovely one. It is from the Nic’s Picks Collection which is a LE.

The brush has two types of bristles, some are longer and some are shorter. It is very soft and I like it especially for applying powder or mineral powder because it blends everything nicely into the skin. Therefore you don’t look cakey because of all the powder.



L’OREAL Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer

Dewy, glowy skin is the big trend of 2015. I think I hopped on the band waggon a while ago but recently I discovered this primer from L’Oreal. It has tiny glitter particles and leaves the skin with a really nice shimmer. I like applying it only to the high points of the face, that’s to say on my cheekbones,on the temples, the browbone and on the cupid’s bow. On top of that I go with a normal powder highlighter to enhance the effect. You should definetely try it!



Stila Convertible Color in “Magnolia”

This Stila cream blush is my most recent discovery and I feel like it’s the 1000th Stila product that I own. I very much like Stila, they do amazing eye shadows and liners buth this blush is gorgeous as well. You can use it both as a blush or as a lip balm/gloss. The color I have is called “magnolia” which is a subtle brownish pink (as you can see in the pictures). It applies very smoothly and has a nice staying power.



Maybelline Super Stay 24Color in “185 rose dust”

One of my sister’s and my alltime favorites are the Maybelline Super Stay lipsticks. This one is in the color “rose dust” and a dark rose with brown undertones. I think this one is the perfect fall color for every one who doesn’t like purple too much.

These lipsticks are applied in two steps. First you add the color, wait for it to dry and then you put the balm on the other end on top. I feel like this one really stays on for super long even when you drink or eat something.


Germaine de Capuccini Icy Pleasure

This after sun moisturizer is actually a present I got recently. I’ve never heard of this brand before but the cream smells amazing and really softens the skin. Since I do a lot of outdoor sports, I feel like I need something like an after sun cream to repair my skin after all the sun and heat. This one here is super nice and perfect for my type of skin.



Body Lotion by Marc Jacobs

I have to admit that this body lotion is a rediscovery. It is in the scent of the perfume “LOLA” by Marc Jacobs and very gorgeous. I own it for quite a long time now but recently I’ve been using it again a lot more. The scent is very flowery and refreshing, a bit like you can keep a piece of summer in your shower :) And who doesn’t like a bit of summer during the cold fall days?


Statement Necklace

A new statement necklace for Fenja, who doesn’t have enough of them. Just kidding, I think I own more than 15 statement necklaces plus I can always use this ones my sister has! However, I really love this one from BijouBrigitte, it is green, antique gold and has some sparkling beads as well. The best thing about this one is that is was on sale for only 2,50 €! I’m so happy that I’ve found this one! Are you also obsessed with necklaces? Tell me!


Well, that’s it for today. I hope you liked the blogpost, there are some more coming up soon! Please like, comment and share and if you want also subscribe to me and my sister. Tell us about your favorites so we can try them♥

We love you!



All pictures taken by me (TheSisterBlog).


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