New in : Fall 2015

Hello lovely readers,

fall has just begun (Happy fall you all!) and the days are getting colder and colder again. Fall is also the time of the year where we can start wearing warm jumpers, scarfs and a lot of autumn colors like red, orange, camel and berry. Oh and it’s time to have a nice hot chocolate in bed on a sunday morning! I always thought that I have been a summer lover but I would say I love fall just as much. What could be better than eating pumpkin soup on a sunny, windy day where you can fly a kite? I hope where you live the weather is just like this but where I live there’s also a lot of rain. I always get very excited about all the new fashion and beauty that comes in and is launched during fall. New York Fashion Week has started and all the designers present their new looks and outfits.

Actually my first new item isn’t really fall like but I couldn’t resist buying it. As you may know I am a big fan of Stila Cosmetics, I already wrote a blog about one of their palettes. I just find this brand really great and the products are high quality. This time I got the “Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner” in the color black. I’ve tried it out the day I bought it and now I am in love. I knew that the Stila products stay on pretty well but this one is a wrap! I applied the eye liner in the morning, went to school by bike, went shopping and went home in the rain where I got soaking wet. When I arrived home I thought I would look like a panda bear but… I look just like I did in the morning! The color is really pretty as well and although it is black it gives you the perfect glamoury feel, even for school!


The next product is also from Stila ( do you recognise it? Stila addicted ). The Smudge Crayon is perfect for everyone who’s in a hurry in the mornings. It can be used as eye primer, eye shadow or liner and it is also waterproof! I was able to get my hands on a very beautiful rosy colour which is called “rose”. I think it’s the most beautiful rose I’ve ever seen because it is not too pale and because it is metallic golden.



I am a fan of drugstore mascaras but at my local beauty shop I got a mini size of the Chanel Le Volume Ultra-Noir Mascara. It looks really good and the first try it is very nice. It gives both volume and definition and it is very black, perfect for me! I’m thinking about buying a full size of it because I just love it so so much! What is your favourite mascara?


Now, on to the real fall stuff. My favourite color for fall will definetely be “Cranberry” by MAC. It is a berry shade eye shadow with a frost finish which gives the eye a pretty nice metallic effect. Even though red shades are quite difficult to wear because they can make you look ill, “Cranberry” is just the perfect fall color! You just have to know how to wear red shades and then it is the most beautiful and very flattering eye shadow color.


I also have to new nail polishes in my make up storage. They are both by essie. The one nail polish is called “It’s genius” and it is fro the new Oktoberfest Limited Edition. I originally saw this color on Instagram where the lovely Ines from itsonlylove posted a picture with it. Thank you for that, Ines! I find this shade is the absolute must have for fall 2015, it is a violet with a beige undertone and small rose golden sparkles.


The other varnish I got is a top coat that just launched. When I was in the beauty shop at the nail shelf the shop assistant heard my mum and me talking about buying a shade for a friend’s birthday and then she told us that this topcoat is her new favourite and that it would be a good present. The topcoat “Gel Setter”  has a new formula which provides shine and really looks like a gel colour. I first couldn’t believe the shop assistant but when I tried it on my nails it really looked like gel.


Thanks a lot for reading! Love and lots of kisses!



All pictures are taken by me (TheSisterBlog).


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