Goodbye Pores! (Pt.2)

Hello lovely readers,

as you can see this is part 2 of our primer series. In yesterday’s post we wrote about a high end primer, the POREfessional by Benefit. However, today we’ve got an alternative for you which is also really good but a bit cheaper. I would say this is my secret weapon for smooth and even skin.

Basic Information:

Brand: L’OREAL Paris

Name: Studio Secrets primer

Content: 15ml

Price: ca. 20€ ( I got mine at TKMaxx for 6€)

Extras: smoothing, resurfacing


This primer is really really good. It makes my skin feel much softer and even, it hides pores and small spots by straightening the surface. It is perfect to wear under make up because the foundation does not slip off. I think this primer works for every type of skin because it is not as oily as the Benefit POREfessional. Also it does not shimmer and is very sublte, it’s also possible to only wear the primer. I find it best to apply it with my fingers and smooth it on in circular motions. In my opinion the primer feels very light on the skin even though you’ll need more product compared to the Benefit one.

+ smoothing

+ lightweight foamy consistency

+ works on every skin type

+ available in drugstores and in online shops (p.e. ASOS)

you’ll need a lot of product to cover the whole face

the primer is in a pot which means you have to stick in your finger which is unhygenic

Thanks a lot for reading! Have you already seen our other reviews? Click here to see the most recent.




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