Goodbye Pores! (Pt.1)

Hello lovely readers!

I think everybody of us knows the problem of having an uneven skin and even some spots, especially those tiny blackheads. I personally find it difficult to cover all of these with make up and concealer because I need so much product. Also it makes the skin look very cakey and sometimes it even accentuates the parts of our skin we want to hide. During the last few years it became quite popular to use a primer underneath the make up or even only the primer. In this two part series we want to show you two different primers, one high end and one from the drugstore.

I have tried a lot of primers from drugstores but I could not find many that were great. Some were just useless while other were way too shimmery. My favourite primer is and will ever be the famous POREfessional by benefit cosmetics! This stuff is great!

So this post is about the high end primer from benefit. If you’re more into a drugstore one, wait until tomorrow and you’ll find the perfect dupe!

Basic Information:

Brand: Benefit

Name: The POREfessional

Content: 22ml/ o,75 US fl. oz.

Price: 34 €

Extras: oil-free, lightweight, translucent


I love this primer! I have never tested any other primer that is soooo good! First I was very sceptical, like how can a primer be a wonder for my skin? How can a primer turn my uneven skin into a smooth surface?

The POREfessional can! For me it is the super hero of all primers. It minimizes the pores and leaves the skin very very smooth but not too shiny, perfect to apply make up. It is like you’ve got a blank canvas. The consistency in general is also really smooth and I find it best to apply the primer with my hands because I can spread it more evenly. I would say the primer is perfect for girls with normal to dry skin, for girls with oily skin it can be a bit too oily (even if it says oil-free) and then slip off the face. In my opinion the make up stays on longer than it would usually without a primer.

The POREfessional smells really good and fresh, it is clear, translucent and very lightweight. I would say little goes a long way because you can really work the primer into the skin.

+ pore minimizing

+ enhances the durability of the make up

+ great smell

+ a little goes a long way

very expensive

not suitable for oily skin

Thanks a lot for reading. Do you have a favourite primer you’d like to recommend?




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