Airbeat One Festival 2015

Hello lovely readers,

a few weeks ago I’ve been to a festival in Eastern Germany which is called Airbeat One Festival. I went there with a friend and we stayed there for four days. We had the car all packed up with everything you need for camping and so on. We also had a small tent, an airbed, a small cooker and a lot to eat!

The atmosphere was really nice at the camping ground and also in the festival area. Actually the festival is a dance/house/ electronic festival with four stages and a lot of really famous DJs. Can you guess which DJs?


After 1,5h in the car we arrived at the festival and camping area, where we had been checked by the police. The policemen were really nice and they only wanted to see the driver’s license and the first-aid kit. After that we could finally go to our camping ground where we built up the tent and the barbecue. First we were slightly concerned that there might be some silly or annoying neighbors camping next to us but we were really lucky to have nice guys next to us who would help us with the barbecue.

Afterwards we checked out the festival area which was really nice. The mainstage looked like the colloseum, really big and there were so many fireworks etc. We were lucky to have VIP tickets so our showers and bathrooms looked nice and clean:) pretty good for a festival! After coming back to our tent we had a nice barbecue with sausages etc, then we prepared ourselves for the evening and put make up on. You can actually see my make up in tomorrows blogpost.


Before the shows started we tried out the carousel which was pretty fast but also pretty expensive. There were also a Ferris Wheel and some kind of Bungee Jumping. Then we went to the mainstage and I think we were pretty in the middle of all the dancing people. The day was really nice and we saw a lovely sunset. On our first evening we’ve been to the sets of Axwell Ingrosso, Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and of course many others! We had a super nice time and returned to the tent at sunrise!

Martin Garrix ( I wish I could make the in love smiley at the computer).


Friday started quite late in the morning until the sun hit our tent and the temperature immediately increased to a hundred degrees. Just kidding but it was really hot. We decided to have breakfast, we had bread, honey, Nutella and some instant coffee. Afterwards we went to the VIP area to chill in bean bags and hammocks were I fell asleep, oups:) There were also two small pools and some hot tubs, really nice to refresh and relax.

In the evening we had barbecue with some friends which were camping near us. They also had other friends over so we went to the shows with the whole crew. It was a lot of fun! This evening we passed at the Mainstage where we saw Robin Schulz, Alesso, Armin van Buuren and others as well as at another stage which was called the Terminal. There we’ve seen the show of up and coming star Felix Jaehn, who is the producer of “Cheerleader” and “Ain’t Nobody”. He’s also German, so we were really proud to see him playing in front of soooo many people. (Fun fact: He started being a DJ in our home town!)


Felix Jaehn at his set.

The best moment was at midnight where my birthday started and everybody said congrats to me and I was really happy! We’ve also been really lucky to be at the front row(!) the whole time which was super great and unforgettable!


Saturday was my birthday and I can say it was my best birthday so far! I had the best time ever! The day was pretty much like the day before, we were staying in the chill out area and in the pool because the day was super hot. We really enjoyed having VIP tickets because they were so much nicer than the normal ones.

My outfit :)

In the evening we were at the festival area and I bought a T-Shirt and we also made a sign saying “Today’s my birthday”. We had so much fun making it and at the shows we were again in the front row. This evening there was a big firework, really beautiful and awesome. Afterwards it was showtime! First we had Zedd, also a German DJ but now living in L.A., which I was super excited about because he’s my favourite. We were rocking the front row and I feel like he has also seen my sign and waved at me because I was on the shoulders of a friend and I was the tallest in the first rows. It was so amazing and perfect! After Zedd there was Afrojack which was really amazing and then Steve Aoki, who (of course) threw a few cakes into the crowd!IMG_2170IMG_2112 IMG_2073


Sunday we slept in really late until… we realised our tent was wet because it was raining :( the whole inside was soaked therefore we had to pack everything in the car. We were really in a hurry and it might looked funny, two girls running around in their pijamas trying to pack the tent etc. in the car. We returned home and I think that was okay because Sunday would not be any concerts. It was literally raining the whole day, so sad :(

All in all it was the most amazing weekend I’ve ever had, I’ve met so many lovely people, made new friends and I am still smiling when I think back. ♥ Thanks to everyone. See you next year!



All photos are taken by me (TheSisterBlog).


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