Review: Stila Eye Shadow Palette

Hey lovely readers,

in my before last blogpost I created a purple eye shadow and liner look in which I used the Stila In The Moment palette. A lot of our readers really liked the look and the colors, so I decided to give the palette some special attention in a review so you can decide whether to buy one or not. This blogpost is all about how I like the colors, the consistency and the quality.


I bought the palette a few months ago and when I first saw the beautiful colors I fell in love. The colors are all violety-purple and gold/ beige what means that they are easy to combine and it’s simple to create a smoky look.

Basic Information:

Brand: Stila Cosmetics

Shade/ Name: In The Moment Eye Shadow palette

Content: 10 eyeshadows, 1 eye liner

Consistency: powder eye shadows

Price: about 39 USD / 35 EUR / 25 GBP


I’ve always heard good things about the stila eyeshadows and liners and I can only agree. There are ten different shades with the names underneath the pan, which I really aprreciate so you don’t have to turn the palette to read the description.The colors are vibrant, they stay on pretty well and they’re easy to blend. The lighter colors I wear almost every day while I use the darker shades for evenings in a bar with friends. I recommend using a primer underneath the eyeshadows because they tend to crease a tiny bit.


Instinct: a shimmery champagne color

impulse: shimmery lavender

glance: a strong purple

improvise: a dark brownish pruple with sparkles

catalyst: a really almost black purple with sparkles

desire: a slightly shimmery nude

wonder: almost a rose golden nude

spontaneous: a satin finishes gold

whim: a copper brown with sparkles

captivate: a purplely brown with sparklesSONY DSCSONY DSC

The range of color is quite nice but I would prefer having a pinky tone as well.

What I like most about this palette is the incredible stila liner! It is really really good and one of my favourite eye liners in my whole make up collection. The color is purple as well but with tiny golden sparkles inside.

The only thing I don’t like is that the package is only cardboard, it has no mirror and no brush.SONY DSC

In my opinion this palette is really nice and the eye shadows have quite a nice quality and consistency as well as the eye liner which is super easy to use. The palette is good for anyone trying out pruple for the first time, but if you’re really into make up I think you should spend your money in a palette with various other colors p.e. pinky tones/ silver shades. If you are a fan of purple I think that there are other palettes out there with more colors, which are maybe less expensive.

Before I tried this palette, I always thought that purple doesn’t suit me but now I think that purple can be perfect for everyone. If you haven’t seen the look I created with this palette, go and check it out!


I really hope you liked this blogpost! See you soon ♥



All photos are taken by me (TheSisterBlog).


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